The charity album for Death Row Dogs

According to the 2011 Dogs Trust survey, over 7,000 stray and abandoned dogs were destroyed by local authorities in the UK—and the problem is only getting worse.

Because it's not widely reported, many people are simply not aware of the large numbers of dogs this island of animal-lovers discards every day.

This album was recorded to raise money and awareness to help the plight of these poor innocent beings.

This project raises funds for dogs in pounds across the UK - The 'Death Row' Dogs. The album features 13 songs by artists who have been touched by the dogs' plight and have written a song to help them. All funds from downloads of the album go directly to chosen 'Death Row' dog rescues.

A brief history:

The charity album for death row dogs began as just one song, it was then known as the charity single for death row dogs. During that time, we raised over £3,000 for specially chosen, grass-roots rescues. The 'front line' rescues who take in and rehome dogs on death row.

The single has now become an album because a group of songwriters were so moved by the plight of death row dogs, that they each wrote a song to help them.

How your contribution helps

Every 6 months, we choose a list of 4 rescues. Funds are raised for those rescues when you download the album. There is no fixed donation amount, you only donate what you can afford.

In addition to generating donations from album downloads, we will also be holding regular fund-raising events.

The list of rescues is alternated twice yearly. This is done so that other rescues can benefit from the album, but we only support rescues that help dogs on Death Row.

Having run a rescue ourselves, we have years of experience, so we know which rescues are taking in dogs from death row and who are most in need of funds.

From Feb 4th 2014 - Aug 4th 2014 we will be raising funds for the following rescues:

We hope we can continue to help these grass-roots rescues and improve on the funds raised when the project was just one song.

Thousands of dogs are dying every hour, every day in Britain, our nation of so-called animal lovers. We have to do something!

How much longer will we let this continue?

Please. Save a life - download the album.

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